Weighing your food.

Counting every last morsel that goes in your mouth.

Waking up exhausted.

Drinking a pot of coffee to make it through your day.

Working out 7 days a week.

Saying NO when all you want to do is say yes.

Using the term “cheat” day.

Prepping and eating the same meal all week long.

If these things bring you JOY and RESULTS, then by all means keep doing what you are doing. The thing is, I often think many of us believe that you have to do these things to reach your health and wellness goals. It’s simply not the case.

I am also a big believer that we were designed to seek JOY. So if what you are doing right now isn’t SIMULTANEOUSLY bringing you joy + results, at some point you are going to “fall off that wagon” and dive head first into the first thing that will. That’s when the YO-YO begins.

If you are tired of living a life that lacks joy simply because you think that’s the only way to feel good in your body again, you deserve to learn a healthy lifestyle!!

You are one month in now to 2022. Last month at this time you probably had set some health goals for yourself, if you don’t feel like you are on track, I’m here.

Let’s chat!