Back to basics!

What happens when we go back to basics?

By back to basics I mean real, whole food our beautiful Mother Earth has provided for us. It is so easy to be sabotaged by the food choices we are faced with daily. Gluten, artificial sweeteners, added sugars…all can increase inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation not only is the root cause of a laundry list of diseases and ailments, but also provides our body a reason to hold onto fat and toxins.

Recently I coached a group to go back to basics for 9 days. We cut out all of the inflammatory foods.
No gluten
No dairy
No peanuts
No canola oil
No added sugars
No alcohol

The results…

Well, first day we were not happy. Irritability, grouchy and I was outright bitchy. Day two I decided to fast to accelerate my body detoxing from all of the bad it was trying to out release and guess what, I instantly started to feel better. By day three we were already starting to have more energy, noticed bloating was starting to fade and our skin was looking more clear and bright.

After 9 days of cutting all of the inflammatory triggers out my husband is down 11 pounds and 6 inches and I am down 6 pounds and 5.5 inches. Our group as a whole had an average of a 7 pound weight loss in the 9 days.

Isn’t it crazy how our bodies respond when they are fed the way they are meant to be fed instead of everything that is presented to us as “good” “fat free” “sugar free” …..???

Due to high demand we are hosting another 9 Day Anti Inflammatory challenge for those who are ready for a reset starting 3/23 and would love for you to join us!

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